Making a difference as an au pair

Watch: how Melanie found her voice as an au pair 

Every day, au pairs are making a difference and helping to make the world a better place.


Take Melanie, an au pair from Mexico. Back home, Melanie felt she was always somebody’s sister, daughter, cousin. She never felt smart enough or pretty enough. She never felt like she was…enough. But during her time as an au pair, and with the support of her host family, Melanie finally found her voice, her passion and her power, and she was able to change the world. 


When Mexico was devastated by earthquakes in 2017, she harnessed her artistic talents and her newfound confidence to raise funds and awareness for charities assisting with disaster relief.


She shared her passion for helping others with her host boys, who became more aware of those less fortunate and began donating their toys and clothes to children in need.


Before even arriving to the USA, Melanie vowed to help Americans understand Mexican people—along with their culture and customs—better. And she fulfilled that promise to herself, becoming a diplomat for her home country.


By taking the scary step of moving to a new country on her own, Melanie also jumpstarted positive changes within herself—she gained confidence, independence and a fresh perspective.


Watch her full story below and be inspired to make a difference as an au pair as well!


Cultural Care Au Pair
Cultural Care Au Pair
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